Pre Focus Group Discussion Reflections

1. How can you describe your day-to-day use of ICT? What is your take on the relationship between technology and education?

2. What are the software and applications you used in the school computer laboratory? How proficient are you in Microsoft Office applications?

3. How do your make use of the school LMS in everyday learning? Is it a useful platform to do asynchronous (self-directed) learning?

4. What do you think of gaming (online and offline)? How does it impact learning?

5. Do you know what is Web 2.0? If yes, how do you make use of it in research and learning? If no, what do you think of Internet as a learning tool?

6. How does ICT help you in Project Work? How does PowerPoint, Web design, video editing add value to your learning?

7. What do you think of Robotics in education? Does Robotics add value and fun to learning?

8. How much do you understand in Cyberwellness? What are the social and moral impacts if it is not emphasized?

9. What do you envision in a primary school in terms of technology in 2015? What do you think of the current future schools in Singapore? Is technology EVERYTHING in education? Is the availability of the latest and fastest computers and hardware important for learning to take place?

10. What are the 21st Century skills? Do you think schools are teaching these skills to students?